Help The World

Lone Elephant aim to contribute to one of four areas; the environment, education, basic resources for all and homelessness. Find below all charities that Lone Elephant contribute to:

Elephants For Africa -

Elephants for Africa is a charity that takes a holistic approach to elephant conservation, understanding the social and ecological requirements of both elephants and humans and work toward coexistence. 

Find Elephants for Africa on Instagram @elephantsforafrica for more information and updates on the important work they do.



United World Schools -

Education transforms lives.

United World Schools (UWS) works in the world's poorest regions to give every child access to free education. They partner with local communities and supporters around the world to develop primary schools and teach the unreached. United World Schools are supporting communities to break the cycle of illiteracy in one generation. They are empowering children to build a better life and lift their families out of poverty.

A week's worth of education works out as £2.36 per child, meaning for every product we sell a child is educated for a 5 day school week. Supporting days of education in this way ensures the future sustainability of their schools, as it covers everything a child needs to learn - the books, teachers, learning resources but also goes towards the upkeep of the schools, furniture required and the ongoing training and support of their teachers. By investing in educating children and providing 'days of education' you are helping to create a pathway to permanent and powerful change, empowering children and communities to build better lives.

Find UWS on Instagram, @unitedworldschools and we encourage you to visit their website ( and donate if you can.