Lone Elephant is a collaboration brand first, and we look to work with various artists across different mediums. Below are all the artists we currently work with, as well as their links so you can check out their work and follow their socials.

Jon Higbee - Street Photographer

The first artist we worked with, Jon is an extremely talented street photographer based in New York, where his work has led to him being awarded the World Street Photography grand prize in 2015, work featured in exhibits all over the world, and most recently a debut monograph, Coincidences. His patience and ability to spot a perfect scene and capture it without it feeling forced, along with the endless opportunities people and objects offer in the urban environment he is known to be the master of, results in some incredible photos. He can be found on Instagram @aliveisthecity and his website which includes links to buy his monograph. 

10% of sales from this collaboration goes towards Elephants For Africa, which you can find out more about by clicking here.


Musab Kılıç - Digital Artist

Musab Kılıç is a 16-year-old digital artist from Turkey, who taught himself how to code from 10 years old, competing in coding competitions and studying machine learning. Recently, his focus has shifted to digital art and the unlimited potential generative algorithms offer. His general process involves starting with the coding foundation of an idea before experimenting with different parameters. Finally, he generates high resolution images, picking the ones he likes; these can all be seen on his Instagram, @musabkilic0

As well as his Instagram, you can also find Musab’s work and other projects with the following links:

His website: